Super Sammy’s Stay at the TGR Spa

We recently had a very special guest at Treasured Garment Restoration Spa and Salon – Super Sammy the Sock Monkey!

You may have seen Sammy relaxing in our lobby recently while waiting for his town car to pick him up.

While staying with us we were able to get an exclusive TGR interview with Sammy.

TGR: First of all Sammy thank you for taking the time to sit down with us. We know how busy you are!

Sammy: Not a problem; I’ve been having a wonderful time relaxing and getting “refreshed”!

TGR: Sammy, can you give us your full name and title to start?

Sammy: Sure! It’s Super Sammy, Ambassador for Genuine Monkeez and Friends.

TGR: Can you tell us a little more about the work you do as Ambassador?

Sammy: I spend most of my traveling. I’m a pretty busy Sock Monkey you know! I spend a lot of time in showrooms across the country, having my picture taken, greeting people, and, of course, eating bananas!

TGR: Sounds glamorous!

Sammy: It is. I love spending time meeting new friends, helping out with charities and visiting specialty retail shops. Truth be told, it does get a little tiring though.

TGR: Oh, how so?

Sammy: Well, one of the reasons I stopped in here was to get some much needed rest and relaxation. You may have noticed I was a bit dirty when I arrived. I even had a few… tears!

TGR: Can you talk a little about what we did for you here at the Treasured Garment Spa Sammy?

Sammy: Of course.  I started with a luxurious soak, a great way to let the cares of the world melt away. We moved on to some deep fabric work to really get all the dirt I had collected out. This was followed by a nice warm towel and some time in the “dry room”. Finally, all my little tears and nicks were tended to; before I knew it, I was good as new!

TGR: Well Sammy, again, we really appreciate the time you’ve taken to speak with us. It’s been a pleasure having you! Please come back and see us again!

For more information on Sammy and Genuine Monkeez & Friends, please visit Midwest CBK’s website.


Something Old…

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…as the old saying goes!  Some brides are making the “something old” the cornerstone of the wedding–her dress!  More and more I see brides pulling out Mom’s or Grandma’s gown from the attic and discovering that it’s in pretty good shape, but maybe yellowed, a few dark brown spots, and a few little tears.  They come in wondering if, somehow, it may be salvageable?

My answer–most likely!  Since each gown is different, has been cleaned (or not cleaned) differently, and has been stored differently–some in boxes with tissue, some in cedar chests, some hanging in the back of Grandma’s closet–they all come with a variety of challenges.  But, unless the integrity of the fabric has been seriously compromised (i.e. brittle and crumbly or tearing with little tension), it’s probably a great candidate for restoration and re-wearing.

1951 Silk Gown Before (the bride was going to cut off the bottom to make it a T-length dress)
1951 Gown After (the bride decided to leave it long since most of the latent stains were removed).

The restoration process involves removing the oxidation (yellowing) and returning the fabric to its original color and luster.  Yes, this is possible and done quite frequently by professionals who know how to handle vintage and age-damaged fabrics.  It may also be the most economical choice for the bride, as well.  Since each wedding dress differs dramatically, prices may also vary, but usually can start around $399 and up!

Check out a couple more examples:

1946 Wedding Gown Before.  Note the discoloration of beads and sequins.
1946 Wedding Gown After!  Color is restored and so are beads and sequins!

Care Label Caution?

In case you can’t read this label clearly it states:
“Caution Dry Clean Only Dangerously Flammable If Washed”


Now, I’ve seen some interesting marketing ploys before, but I’m not quite sure what this one is after!

I sure hope the bride who wore this dress didn’t spill anything on her wedding dress at the ceremony or the reception! Seriously, I’m not aware of any textile that would spontaneously combust when introduced with water. As members of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, Treasured Garment Restoration and our parent company, St. Croix Cleaners, can certainly clean this dress and any other wedding dresses with wild labels on them. Learn more about our wedding dress cleaning and preservations here.


Treasured Garment Restoration on Forever TV!

Thanks to Forever-TV! TGR will be featured in an upcoming episode about cleaning and preserving your wedding gowns! We had a blast during the filming…!

Forever TV is a bridal media group that uses the power of internet television to promote local wedding vendors and educate local brides-to-be.

Be sure to check back here and on Facebook for updates… We’ll keep you in the loop!