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Please enjoy this $30 off your wedding gown Museumcare™ Preservation coupon. Listed below are all our  wedding gown specialist locations, please feel free to contact your closest location to set up an appointment for your dress. We can’t wait to start working with you!

If a Certified Wedding Gown Specialist is not available, you may drop off at any of our 18 locations. A specialist will contact you within two business day.

Treasured Garment Restoration prides itself on making sure your dress is taken care of as an individual.  We assess each gown that comes in with the bride to note all prior staining and issues.  Each gown is cleaned individually by one of our trained specialists, and is then hand pressed in a controlled environment.  We also invite our brides to inspect the dress before it goes into our preservation boxes

We only use the best materials for packaging our wedding gowns, including an acid free box and acid free tissue paper.  Each gown is delicately put into the box with each layer of fabric wrapped in tissue paper.  We do not seal the boxes, allowing the owner to pull the dress out for a limited time. We just ask that you place the dress back in the box after an hour or so and make sure to put the tissue paper back in its directed spots. Treasured Garments guarantees that your wedding gown will not yellow or get an latent stains for the life of the dress so it can be used for years to come!